Top 5 WordPress SEO plugins on

Top 5 WordPress SEO plugins on

Let’s think about a situation that if you want to find something in the Internet, where will you start from? Most of us will choose search engines, enter a certain keyword and click on the results returned. There is a study revealing that 93% of all Internet experiences start with a search engine and 61% of reputation business owners agree that SEO is their biggest priority. So, we are in 2019 and we cannot ignore SEO anymore. Fortunately, we have dozens of plugins supporting SEO available on the market. All of them will come with powerful stats, keyword rankings, and backlink information. One question is how can you choose the suitable one among a lot of choices. This article will give you the suggestion with top 5 best WordPress SEO plugin and hope you’ll be well on your way to search engine success.

  1. WordPress multilingual SEO

SEO is quite simple if you try to rank in one language but how it would be if you add one more language? More complicated and you might feel like overwhelming. Of course, Google support to translate instantly the content for free but it would not be exactly what message original text conveys.  That people are seeing the correct pages for their location is so important and one more thing you should also consider is penalties for duplicated content. That’s when you need WordPress multilingual SEO plugin. What does it mean? You apply all same SEO principles as well as basic guidelines to ensure that each language version of the website gets an equal chance to get a higher ranking on Google.  If you want to learn more details in terms of how this WordPress multilingual SEO can help your business, refer the feature list and check demo:

  • Create a unique URL for each version of the website

Send content for translation using the Translation Dashboard

  • Add hreflang Tags to show for a particular region and language, select the post types where you’d like to enable the plugin and then click on the save changes button to save your settings

  • Translate the content in the source code

2. All In One SEO Pack Pro WordPress Plugin V3.1.1

If you’ve ever heard about Yoast SEO plugin, All in one SEO pack pro is the closest competitor to it. It has reached over two million active installations on WordPress. The reason is this WordPress plugin provides a viable option for business owners who are seeking a complete suite of SEO backend tools. The outstanding thing is All in one SEO pack pro offers premium features and support for a longer period of time. That’s why we suppose that using it is reasonable for paying and get more in return. All in one SEO pack will cover all the weaknesses of Yoast SEO by providing editing features that Yoast SEO lacks. It allows users to add SEO titles, meta descriptions, etc easily without technical knowledge. If you like one-page management, All in One SEO Pack can satisfy you instead of using multi-page management from Yoast SEO. Let’s check the feature list above before you decide:

  • Support XML Sitemap, Google AMP, Google Analytics

If the XML sitemap old version only supports the naming convention for paginated sitemaps looked like sitemap_post_1.xml, sitemap_post_2.xml, the new version has been changed to enable Google to accept all paginated sitemaps in a sitemap index: post-sitemap1.xml, page-sitemap1.xml

Old version:

New version:

  • Translated into 57 languages
  • Advanced Canonical URLs
  • org Markup
  • Redirect attachment pages to a parent post
  • Built-in API
  • PHP 7 100% Compatible

3.WordPress Video SEO Premium V11.5

Video is a kind of viral content that has been dominating our life. The giant Google also loves video. Let’s search a keyword and how about the results returned? Videos are always on top. If you are a video blogger or a business owner who prefer to use video for describing products, this WordPress Video SEO plugin is the best choice for you. Our customers who choose to use this plugin agreed that after several time, their articles get higher ranking and a higher click-through rate. We can’t deny that this is a great opportunity to maximize the benefits for yourself. It is so easy to use with full function supporting you to stand higher. If you are still confused, spend some time to check the feature list and demo. Hope you find it helpful.

You can setup all information such as thumbmail, durations, tag, categories to match your business requirement

  • Automatic XML Video Sitemap generation
  • MediaRSS enhancements to your RSS feed
  • Support videoObject markup.
  • Snippet previews
  • Facebook OpenGraph tags on video pages
  • Support for many major video platforms: Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Wistia and many others

4. WordPress News SEO Premium V11.6

You are running a website? Have you heard about Google’s news? You intend to do something to make your posts on top or just sit and wait? There is no easier way for search engines to grasp the main information from your article.  If you want to take action, congratulation, there is a plugin we recommend you to use called WorPress News SEO premium. It allows you to do all the things to optimize your site for Google News by using a specific XML News Sitemap.  WordPress news SEO plugin can ensure that Google will be aware of any new articles on your site as soon as possible with those supporting features:

  • Optimize the site for Google News

  • Immediately pings Google on the publication of a new post
  • Creates XML News Sitemaps
  • All the relevant markup
  • Exclude categories

5. MainWP WordPress SEO Extension V1.

There is the undeniable fact that web owners rely a lot on search engines in terms of attracting customers or expanding their customer segmentation. In that process, it is hard for you to do without the support from power tools. One suggestion for you in this situation is MainWP WordPress SEO extension. It is famous for simplifying the setup and management process for Yoast SEO across all of your sites.  It can be said that this WordPress plugin is a proper choice which is fully functional and self-hosted WordPress management and you have full right to control the website from just one central location. You can customize each Post or Page and then publish those customizable settings to your Child sites. So, it’s time to check its outstanding features and you can also try it by checking the demo before making a decision:

  • Manage all Yoast SEO plugins, across all child sites from one location
  • Import SEO Settings

  • Post and Page SEO Settings

  • Works with the MainWP Boilerplate Extension
  • One click access

The final thoughts,

The top 5 best WordPress SEO plugins are highly recommended for any WordPress web owners. We cannot be an SEO expert overnight but when you hold a powerful tool in you hand, the process will be shortened. We are confident that this article can give you a useful reference to improve SEO on your sie as well as business performance.

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