Top 5 WordPress email plugins on

Top 5 WordPress email plugins on

We are in the era of digitalization; we tend to work online as much as possible through social media. So, there is a fact that email, nowadays, has been used for more purposes rather than contact tool for everyone. Business owners take advantages of email as the tool for conveying information of promotions and advertisements. The survey revealed that an email newsletter would bring engaged customers back to your site on a regular basis and as the results, sale revenue has been improved by 23%. It will occur if you can create an interesting email to generate paying customers. If you are running a WordPress website or intend to build one, you are so lucky because there are a lot of tools and plugins to optimize your email strategies. This article will give you the top 5 recommended WordPress email plugins on Hope you find it useful:

  1. UpStream Email Notifications

If you are coping with the difficulties of how to keep all your team member in a project up-to-date what you are doing and how many percents you have done, one suggestion for you, in this case, is using Upstream Email Notifications. The points that make this WordPress plugin outstanding are: it allows you to send email updates and reminders to members working on your projects whenever Milestones, Tasks or Bugs are assigned to them, it even can remind them about the due date to keep everything be finish before the deadline.

  • A notification email will look like this:

  • Setup default reminder

  • Customize notification schedule

  • High deliverability for emails
  1. YITH WooCommerce Email Templates Premium

Nowadays, email is not just simply a method of exchanging message anymore, your receivers or in this case are customers, they expect more in an email delivered such as a professional and appealing looking and personalized message. YITH WooCommerce Email Templates is a WordPress plugin that is developed to help the user build a positive and efficient image and present the correspondence sent. You are free with your creativity to design your own email templates by adding the logo of your activity, setting colors and typography, giving a graphic coherence between your site style and the email your users will receive:

  • Assign a template for each type of email

  • Change colors and typography and check the changes with preview function

  • Add menu in the head of email

  • Add social network buttons

  • Customize the footer

  • WPMLcompatibility
  1. Give Email Reports

Real-time notification is developed to help users update information immediately; however, in most of the case, users complain that they feel this kind of notification is quite distracting and uninformative but they cannot decide to turn off it. Why? They feel like being left-in-the-dark and have no connection to the world. How can we deal with this dilemma? It is so great cause we have to Give Email Reports plugin.

It is an awesome WordPress plugin that will reduce all distractions but still keep yourself be updated by summarizing all notifications and sending them for the current day, week, month, and rolling 7 and 30-day intervals. It can be said that this plugin is a good choice to improve your experience with the email you should never ignore.


  1. YITH WooCommerce Coupon Email System Premium

There is a proven fact that a lot of businesses can survive in this fiercely competitive environment not just because they can expand their customer segmentation, it is because they build their own huge loyal customer data. Taking care of a loyal customer is much harder than caring for a new one. One effective way is offering promotions, discounts and ad hoc gifts to make them feel special. It is not only a way of customer gratitude but also encouraging them to buy more and as a result, you can improve the conversion rate. YITH WooCommerce Coupon Email System Premium is a considerable choice if you are finding a solution to manage and send coupon code easily with powerful features including:

  • Coddle customers for their first purchase or special occasions like birthday

  • Reward users with certain requisites such as number of purchase or amount of money to encourage they come back to buy or buy more

  • Use the mandrill potentialities

  • WPML compatibility
  1. Easy Digital Downloads Download Email Attachments Addon

The name of this WordPress plugin sounds quite crazy but what it can do will make you surprised. Once you install and activate this plugin, you already could attach all the download’s files (including bundled downloads) to the purchase receipt. One more interesting thing is you can totally override this setting and enable it on a per download level.

Although it is so convenient, there is a thing we have to remind you, the size of your download attachments can never exceed 10mb cause this large file cannot reach customers’ inbox. Some customers may have the maximum size for an email set even lower. One more thing is this plugin does not remove download links from the purchase confirmation page or the purchase confirmation receipt.

The final words,

It is undeniable that integrating a WordPress email plugin is so important if you want to increase and update your subscribers as well as boost your sale. We hope that this top 5 will help you and your site grow to the fullest and solve your dilemma. If you find it helpful, let’s register to be a member on to download all top 5 WordPress email plugins.

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