Top 4 ultimate WordPress shipping plugins on

Top 4 ultimate WordPress shipping plugins on

The reason why WordPress has been preferred a lot recently is the great scope for customization. Shipping is one of the functionalities of WordPress web stores that are extensively customized. However, a lot of business owners are too carelessly when they leave shipping as an afterthought while it is so important that affects directly on how customers rate your service. In this article, we will give you the suggest of Top 4 ultimate WordPress shipping plugins on, hope it helpful to your site:

  1. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

We are in the era when online shopping has been mushrooming, goods are shipping all over the world and that is the question for business owners when they calculate shipping cost. That’s the reason why we highly recommend you to choose Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping. As you may know, Table shipping is an effective tool for creating complex rules for shipping products worldwide based on weight, number of items, shipping class, price, distance, etc. Because each destination can have its own rules, you need to create a matrix to calculate the shipping costs and show customers the final price on the table. We are sure that this WordPress shipping plugin is feature-rich and so easy to use, you can refer the feature list below before making a decision:

  • Create Unlimited shipping method

  • Add multiple tables of rates per shipping zone

  • Several types of table rate calculation: Per order, Calculated per item, Calculated per line, Calculated per class
  • Add rules based on Weight, Number of items, Number of items by class and Price
  • Add costs per row, per item cost, a percentage and per weight unit

Strong point: You can find dozens of WordPress table rate shipping plugins available on the market but we say this item is the best because unlike other plugins that make users get a headache with tons of settings and options, too complicated to use, this item is very clean and easily understandable. You can set up complex rules for shipping with all tools in the dashboard without writing any line of code.

2. Conditional Shipping And Payments For WooCommerce

If Woocommerce Table rate shipping is a WordPress plugin that is specially developed for supporting the shipping calculator, this item helps you manage not only shipping but also payments. When you only sell products if it satisfies some certain rules for certain shipping regions, payment gateway or customers set, that’s when you need to download and install this WordPress plugin for your website. Or in other words, you can use it for cases such as:

  • Products with special handling requirements are delivered with the suitable shipping method (eg. via insured, trackable shipping methods only)
  • Grant or limit shipping method and payment gateway for a specific customer set
  • Some special products or high price ones should require a certain payment gateway.
  • Prevent specific categories of products from being shipped to unproper countries.

This plugin is so flexible and simple to set up the rule, you just need to go to the dashboard and customize, no coding knowledge required. You can see more details of how it works as follow:

  • Conditional Shipping Methods: creating the rule of shipping for specific products, based on weight, value, activated coupon, purchasing Subscriptions.

  • Conditional Payments Gateway: allow to make payment depending on different billing countries, order total value, specific shipping methods, product categories, customer roles.

  • Restrict shipping regions: You can decide the place where you won’t ship products to, complying with customs import regulations, or shipping terms of service.

Strong points: More than shipping, this plugin allows users to manage payment gateways. We always highly appreciate the flexibility of this plugin in supporting creating the rule. It is also quite easy to use with a simple and standard dashboard.

Weakness: The interface is not really appealing. If you desire a well-design appearance, you should consider before making a decision because this WordPress shipping plugin is so simple and you might feel boring.

3. Easy Digital Downloads Simple Shipping Addon

The very first purpose when Easy to downloads a shipping addon is developed specifically for selling digital products; however, after a short time of launching, a lot of business owners who sell physical products also trust this product and install it for a website. When using it, you can totally collect shipping information from your customers during checkout, set different shipping rates for domestic and international orders, admin can mark the order can be shipped or not for a specific payment. Moreover, shipping can be enabled on a per-product basis and can even be enabled on a per-price basis for products with multiple price options. As its name, this plugin is so easy to use and customize. If you are finding a shipping solution for online shopping, don’t ignore this recommendation. This is the feature list for you:

  • Creating a Shipping-Enabled product

  • Shipping orders to address filled in the checkout process

  • Check payment history

  • Tracking Numbers

  • Use tracking numbers to send customers emails

4. YITH Product Shipping For WooCommerce Premium

The last choice I want to strongly suggest you is a WordPress shipping plugin from YITH called Product shipping for Woocommerce premium. Online shopping is a big trend that creates a lot of opportunities for business owners but it also comes with many challenges. One of them is shipping costs can not be charged the same among states, regions or cities. The default feature of WordPress does not allow you to set up different shipping costs for the same single product. Of course, if you edit in the code, it is feasible but too costly. YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce enables users to set different shipping rates for every single product, region, state or city, including product variations with the support of those features:

  • Show shipping cost details for each product

  • Choose categories and tags to associate to the shipping rules

  • Check quantity and total cost in the cart


  • Edit the priority order to apply rules

  • Enter shipping fees at the product level

  • Add a custom message on the product page

  • Include tax in the shipping costs

  • WPML compatibility

Notice: YITH WordPress shipping plugin is a complete solution for your online store and it comes with strong and professional support but they work well with all YITH themes, but with third-party items, you should consider before installing.

Overall to you,

We strongly hope that this top 4 ultimate WordPress shipping plugins on can take care of all your shipping needs. If you desire to make yourself different among the crowd, receive good reviews from customers all around the world due to good service, don’t hesitate to install the shipping plugins.

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