Top 3 recommended WordPress YITH plugins on

Top 3 recommended WordPress YITH plugins on

Operating a WordPress website, now, becomes easier than ever. Why can we affirm that? Because we have strong support from WordPress plugins for different purposes such as SEO, cart, backups, speed, etc. The official plugin repository has over 55,000 WordPress plugins and counting, you can find multiple plugins for the same feature. Therefore, choosing a suitable one for your business might not be such easy, you have to choose a plugin with all the features you need and choose a reputation provider as well. give you over 2100 choices from different providers, in this article, we suggest you top 3 WordPress YITH plugins and how they work. Hope you find it useful:

  1. YITH PayPal Braintree For WooCommerce

With shopping online, the convenience and security of payment gateway are so important. This Braintree WordPress plugin is a versatile and simple solution because it is the first solution available on the market that enables users to accept both payments with a credit card and PayPal gateway. Moreover, one interesting feature I want to emphasize here is your customers just need to fill information at the first time they make the payment, the system will save all data automatically and use payment details for the next time. Because they don’t have to enter the payment information every time they place an order, a lot of time will be saved and your website will be highly appreciated due to UX improvement when customers can check out faster and complete the purchase more quickly. YITH Subscription allows you to handle recurring payments, which is the feature you cannot find in all payment plugins available. For more details, you can refer the feature list below:

  • Allow making payment by Paypal or credit card

  • Save card and Paypal credentials

  • Charge immediately or authorized with a note

  • Support multi currencies

  • Refund with one click

  • Configure dynamic description to show the transaction details

  • Enable 3D secure for card payment

  • Advanced Fraud tools to protect your payment from unreliable cards

  • WPML compatibility

2. YITH WooCommerce Badge Management Premium

There is one research revealed that using badges on products could improve conversion rates by 55%. Using a badge is a great idea if you want to attract customers’ attention and make your product outstanding. How? Let’s think about the case that you use the badges on products that go “50% off” or “Big sale”, how many customers will click on them without any hesitation? YITH Woocommere Badge Management premium is the ultimate WordPress plugin that can highlight what you want to show customers, make them impress right at the first sign such as promotion, new products, best-seller products, or some products that are about out-of-stock. We recommend this plugin because it never narrows you in some certain badge samples, you can freely use your creativity to customize badge by changing text, color, or position. We want each of the badge on your site has its own impression with a fresh and innovative design. Moreover, you can manage and almost automate badging for your shop, and at the same time manage badges individually for the products you prefer. We believe that with those features, increasing sales in your store by 55% is a piece of cake. If you still need more information, you can check the set of the feature below:

  • Assign a specific badge to recently added, on sale and featured products

  • Use advanced badge

  • Customize CSS badge

  • Set additional style options for badge

  • Upload images for badge

  • Use one badge for different products

  • Assign a badge to shipping classes

  • WPML compatibility

3. YITH Donations For WooCommerce Premium

Recently, the online donation is no longer a strange concept for everybody. We meet “online donation” in various fields such as supporting cultural projects, fundraising initiatives. Even your received donation is a few dollars or thousands of dollars, you still need to provide a proper and versatile solution for the contributors. That’s the reason why we suggest you use WordPress donation plugin called YITH Donations For WooCommerce Premium. Unlike the plugins for boosting sale revenue, donation plugin encourages you to build a system that is simple and efficient to use. It is not good if you create a system too colorful or vivid, just make it simple with features for associating a donation to a product or give the possibility to your users to make donations to your site. You can display this plugin freely on your website as your demand. The list below will show you how it works:

  • Set minimum and maximum amount of donation

  • Add a form in the cart

  • Change text and style

  • Choose different payment options

  • Track order with donations

  • Change email send to users

  • Show pre-set amount for the donations

  • WPML compatibility

Why you should choose WordPress YITH plugins on

  • They are all supported under premium service
  • They come with strong features but easy-to-use, they do not require users technology knowledge, you can set up and use as the user guide.
  • They are updated frequently to fix bugs and add new features

However, there are some points you should consider:

  • They work well with all YITH themes, of course, but with third-party items, you should consider before using to avoid conflicts.
  • They require WordPress version 4.5 and higher.

The final thoughts,

It can be summarized that the top 3 WordPress YITH plugins on are powerful marketing tools if you intend to improve conversion rates and build your own loyal customers set. They are developed after a long time of investigating the market and study business owners’ demands. Therefore, if you want to make yourself unique among the crowd, this is a great suggestion for you.

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