Top 3 greatest WordPress popup plugins on

Top 3 greatest WordPress popup plugins on

The booming economy has created a potential but fiercely competitive market and the ideas for marketing tactics and techniques are starting to become scarce and costly. Small and even medium businesses don’t really have a budget to invest in promotion. Moreover, the first impression of people to advertising is always strong but in most of the case, it is not good. We cannot deny that advertising still brings the conversion but it is not potential enough to encourage business owners to sacrifice user experience. The most proper solution for this issue is using a popup that will never drive your users crazy or drive them away. More than a popup for subscribers to receive newsletters, popup, nowadays, can be used to showcase deals, offers, content, promotions, subscription models, and many more. That a popup appears will always better than directing visitors to other pages just for watching advertising. We have experienced and gathered together the top 3 greatest WordPress popup plugins on that offer a range of unique features and have been using by thousands of web owners all over the world.

  1. WooCommerce Terms And Conditions Popup

This is one of the simplest but effective WordPress popup plugin for any WordPress web owners who want to add Terms and Conditions in a popup window so that customers can read it before making a decision without leaving checkout page. It gives users peace of mind in terms of security and liability. You can set the rules and guidelines and require customers to agree before making payment so you can eliminate the quarrel caused by misunderstanding. So, you can check this set of features to see how it works:

  • 8 different and vivid popup layouts:

  • Customize the size of popup and set place

Notice: It cannot deny that this plugin works so stably and effectively but it just provides the simplest features and only can satisfy the basic demands. If you want a well-designed popup with appealing looking, you can refer two following plugins.

2. YITH WooCommerce Terms And Conditions Popup Premium

If you make a journey across the online market, you will find that, there are a lot of online businesses that provide similar products and services; however, some of them have been developing a lot, some of them not. One highlight reason for this difference is they have different terms and conditions. This is the solution to protect yourself and customers as well as prove that your business is so professional. The issue here is most web owners choose to build a separate page for terms and conditions but not all customers can find it. How can we deal with it? We recommend using YITH Woocommerce terms and conditions popup premium. Why do we suggest you should display policies in popup windows rather than a page? It means a lot in improving UX on your site cause while customers are in the process of purchasing, they can read the terms and conditions in the popup without redirecting to other pages. Or in other words, it displays information in a modal window and so makes its consultation quicker and simpler without compromising the transaction itself.

  • Set style options and customize “I agree” button

  • Set the size of popup window

  • Show privacy policies

  • Set up layouts with various options

  • WPML compatibility

Notice: Although this plugin supports features for customizing popup layouts, it still has some limitation and you can not create a complicated popup.

3. YITH WooCommerce Popup Premium

As we mentioned above, the popup is so convenient if you want to show visitors any information without directing them to other pages. It also increases the visibility of what you put in it and you can also receive feedback immediately from visitors. The reason why we highly recommend you to use YITH Woocommerce popup premium plugin is that it gives you complete support to display a contact form, promotion information or new product release. Or in other words, cause this item is a specially designed item by YIThemes, it surely becomes an important part of the process of optimizing your sales strategies and customer interaction. The interesting point here is this WordPress plugin allows you to set popup windows in any pages you want but not just homepage. So it means that you can show the popup for a specific product or a random category. Much flexible than other plugins. You can take a look over the features below:

  • 6 different popup layouts

  • Change the content in terms of social network profiles, a contact form, message

  • Show popup in the most suitable time you want

  • Place popup anywhere you want

  • WPML compatibility

Notice: Although this plugin comes with so strong and convenient features as well as great support from YITH provider, there are two noticeable points you should consider are this plugin requires WordPress version 4.5 and higher and it is only well-supported to all YITH themes and if you use for other themes, conflict might occur. But in comparison to the plugin from Woocommerce, it still supports more features.

The final thoughts,

How many percents of conversion rate popup can improve for your business? That’s the story we need your real experience after using. If you are ready to add popups to your website, this list will be really helpful cause we try to narrow from dozens of WordPress popup plugins available. You can try their demo and don’t forget to leave a comment on how you use them in the box, we all appreciate.

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