Top 3 best-selling WordPress event plugins on

Top 3 best-selling WordPress event plugins on

Besides email, live chat, the event is one of the most proper ways to engaging customers in your business. But how can you connect people to your event, it will require some tools, in this case, it would be WordPress event plugins. Those plugins are usually responsible for handling scheduling, booking management, ticket selling, and the FREE version cannot do it. In this post, we will discuss the top 3 WordPress event plugins on to help you pick one best suited for your needs. More than a simple calendar, those plugins are developed to managing the schedule and taking notes on every single detail of every event. We can forget the plugins that only allow users to show events or schedule dates, we will focus on WordPress event plugins can handle ticketing and booking options, manage payment gateways, create guest dashboards, and even send email notifications like the time setting. So, it’s time to check the list:

  1. YITH WooCommerce Event Tickets Premium

Organizing an event or meeting, that sounds simple? The answer is No. It will have a lot of steps and dozens of tasks you have to solve. One of the biggest issues regarding events management is how can you sell the tickets. Some businesses choose to use the ticket-selling service from third-party but one problem appearing is they will earn a percentage of your earnings and in some cases, it is not good for your public image/brand. Visitors will wonder whether your business is not professional enough to sell a ticket. YITH WooCommerce Event Tickets Premium will eliminate all the risks may cause losing control and you can sell tickets for all sorts of events. What do visitors need? Choosing the event they want to take part in and filling all required information and finishing buying a ticket just by a few clicks. Business owners will receive all the information about customers in terms of the event name, time, the number of tickets bought. Moreover, you also have the rights to change the price of the ticket by rising when only a few tickets are left or when the event date draws near. Here is the feature list:

  • Sell physical and virtual tickets on online shop

  • Enable the stock management on tickets

  • Sell tickets at an increased price based on the quantity left

  • Give the event start date and end date

  • Add one or more optional services to event

  • Show the event location on the map
  • Enable the stock management on tickets
  • Generate the PDF for the ticket
  • Track all the sold tickets

  • Use the shortcode for the ticket search on the frontend
  • Identify tickets with a barcode
  • WPML compatibility


  • Customizable display: various layouts with different elements to add
  • Extendable features: a unique set of features for managing and customize for ticket selling such as: barcode, price change, extra services
  • WPML compatibility: easily translate the plugin with the powerful WPML


  • Only support to YITH templates and plugins, easy to occur conflict to third-party items

2. The Events Calendar Community Events

Unlike the FREE version, The Event Calendar community Pro supercharges your calendar with recurring events, customize event attributes, default content, venue and organizes pages, advanced widgets, and others. This WordPress event plugin focuses strongly on both UI and UX. The design is not only pretty but also each element on the website is arranged intuitively and delightfully. In case you want to set recurring events on a certain day of a month and it occurs monthly, this plugin can help. Venue View showcases all upcoming events at a given venue along with key details and a map. With Organzier View, you can list all upcoming events organized by that person as well as their contact information and picture. Visitors can search for events in or near their city and state. Map View will even display the distance from the searched location.

  • Custom Event Recurrence

  • Venue and Organizer View
  • Advanced Widgets
  • Location Search and Geolocation


  • Location: Show the location of event and distance
  • Recurring: set up easily for certain date or month
  • Unlimited events: Manage countless events with their venues, ticketing, and registrations.


  • No extra service added for each event

3. LearnDash LMS Event Espresso Integration Addon

Appearing as one of the best E-learning systems developed based on the WordPress platform, LearnDash LMS event Espresso Integration Addon is our high recommendation if you intend to offer learning courses that are accompanied by live training events. The main purposes when creating this WordPress event plugin are adding more online components to supplement the training, encouraging students to log into an e-learning course and providing continued post-event training to attendees. Whether you have demand for managing fundraisers, school programs, classroom registrations, and others, you still can use this plugin. So the list below is the features developed, hope it gives you an overview of how it works:

  • Map an event to a course
  • Associate one, or many courses: when users log in their accounts, they are then enrolled in all of the associated online courses.

  • Drip-feed course content leading up to an event
  • Works with any Event Espresso payment gateway


  • Premium support: Unlimited support and upgrades for active LearnDash licenses
  • Support any Event Espresso payment gateway\
  • Unlimited events: You can add multiple events a once


  • Themes compatibility issue: Not friendly with other third-party themes
  • Only suitable for the online event, it does not support adding location and displaying real distance

The final thoughts,

In the end, these top 3 WordPress event plugins on are the great suggested tools to expand your brand, get people involved with your company and finally, generate revenue. This article gives you the subjective opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of each item and you can consider choosing the most suitable one for your business. If you find it helpful, share and leave a comment in the box.

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